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        Carlos, first started as a employee, with time he knew that he could do more, not just a worker for a company. He had his own high standards on having his own buniness and becoming his own boss. His family has been there for him since day one, Supporting, Motivating and having patience. Because they knew that family is the key to Success!
        He started slowly from scratch, it wasen't easy, he had his ups and downs. But he knew that he wasent going to quite. Every obstacles he had made him stronger, and he was going to finish what he started. Here he is with over 20 years of experience in concrete service. He has over 15 staff members, that for Carlos, each one of them is part of the family. He treats them the same way he want to be treated back, with respect.

        At Pacific stars Concret, we all know that doing what we do best, From; providing estimates, material quality, concrete service, Client Project Satisfaction and our honesty. Is the reason why our customers keeps coming back. We will continue providing our best concrete services, so you can come back with your concrete projects with us!  
Our Saying:

Family is the key to a Success!

Treat others, the same way you want to be treated!

Loyalty, Honesty, Quality, Customers Projects Satisfaction is our Priority!